Book an appointment online

This online booking facility is for existing patients. If you are a new patient and want to book a first appointment, please send me an email and I will be in contact to arrange an appointment time.

Note that I’m currently fairly full, so I’m not taking on new patients for regular therapy at the moment. However, I still do initial and diagnostic consultations, where we try to understand your problem and formulate a way forward. If we decide that cognitive-behavioural therapy would be helpful for you, I may refer you to one of my excellent CBT colleagues. My colleagues and I work in the same offices, and meet at least weekly to discuss our cases, so I would remain involved in your care. If we decide that medication may be helpful, I would follow this up with you.

For existing patients, choose your appointment type, date and time below. When entering your cell number, please include the country code +27 if you want to get a reminder SMS.
Tertia, our secretary, may have access to additional time slots, so please phone her if there are no appointments available online.