Patient resources

The following resources and worksheets are often useful in CBT. I often use them with my patients. Feel free to download any of them, but note that it’s most helpful to use them while seeing a CBT therapist.


Automatic Thought Record – Basic

Automatic Thought Record – Advanced

Daily Mood Diary

Activity Diary

Panic Attack Record

Depression Rating Scale

Anxiety Rating Scale

Cognitive Distortions (or Unhelpful Thinking Styles)

Sleep Diary


The following guided meditations are a basic introduction to mindfulness*, which can form a useful part of cognitive therapy. They can be downloaded to a smartphone and should ideally be practised daily.

Breath-body mindfulness (12 mins) from UCLA

Breath-body meditation (19 mins) from UCLA

Body Scan (14 mins) from Breathworks

* Mindfulness practices are about learning how to be present in the “here and now”, rather than distracted or overwhelmed by one’s thoughts. The guided practices above give you something to focus on – your body and your breath – which you always have with you. When you listen to the meditation and become aware of your attention, you’ll notice that your thoughts do their own thing and wander off. That’s normal, and becoming aware of it in a non-judgemental way is part of the process. When you notice your thoughts wandering, just gently bring them back to the focus of the meditation. This will happen repeatedly. You may find with practice that you become better at simply observing your thoughts rather than being pulled along by them. Deliberate practice is important, and that means setting aside some time each day if possible.




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